Coal Mining in Illinois
Shaft Mining

Joliet Herald

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Sunday, December 1, 1935

This article was a special section of the Joliet newspaper in 1935 which focused on strip mining.

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Hats off to the executives of the Northern Illinois for their splendid vision and good judgment in selecting the Rheolaveur Coal Cleaning Process and the Koppers organization -- the choice of America's leading coal operators in every field.

The recent completion of this half million dollar plant is the culmination of several years of thorough and painstaking investigation by Northern Illinois officials to find the ideal process to meed the rigid standard of quality demanded by this progressive coal company.

They wanted a cleaning plant that would function efficiently and economically at all seasons of the year both in peak periods of production as well as in slack periods -- a plant capable of handling large tonnages of coal at low cost with uniformly dependable results.

The best methods of Europe as well as the United States were carefully analyzed and studied and as a result they chose Rheolaveur -- the most highly developed method of coal preparation known to modern mining and mechanical engineering.

Rheolaveur was selected because it scientifically removed a maximum of impurities or refuse, common to all coal mining operations, producting a highly uniform clean coal -- washed, sized, dried and blended to the highest standard of quality.

This new Rheolaveur plant produces 400 tons of uniform 3" x 0" coal per hour and has been running at full capacity since it was completed.

The Koppers-Rheo equipment installed at Wilmington includes Rheo units for coarse coal and fine coal, Carpenter Centrifugal Dryers, heat dryers for minus 3/4" sizes' screening and mixing facilities for five sizes, storage bins for minus 3/4" sizes and truck loading, and a rotary type car dumper to handle incoming raw coal.

Koppers-Rheolaveur Comapny
Koppers Building
528 McCormick Bldg.
Chicago, Illinois

Pittsburg, PA
709 Coal Exchange Bldg.
Wilkes-Barre, Penna.


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