Coal Mining in Illinois
Shaft Mining

Joliet Herald

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Sunday, December 1, 1935

This article was a special section of the Joliet newspaper in 1935 which focused on strip mining.

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Though many remarkable features have been incorporated at the Wilmington mines in modern coal handling equipment, the fact remains that, to a great extent, the economy of operation rests on the choice of power supply.

From the largest shovel to the smallest pump, power from the Public Service Company contributes its share to economical operation at Wilmington. It eliminates the capital investment in power plant equipment. Electrically operated units reduce labor costs and at the same time make it possible to use the most modern types of equipment.

The fact that this 32-cubic yard shovel is completely operated by electricity where the fuel supply for steam generation is so easily procurable, is only another instance of the great economy of electrical operation.

This company's engineers are ready at all times to assist northern Illinois industries in the application of power to industiral operations.


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